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The AFTER Hub @Community Rebuilders is the culmination of a collaborative community wide effort to end Veteran homelessness. Through the provision of:

  1. Best practice housing services
  2. Collaborative partnerships
  3. Service needs and gaps analysis

Community Rebuilders is proud to launch the AFTER Hub @Community Rebuilders!

AFTER Hub Housing First Services

Community Rebuilders is committed to ending Veteran homelessness in Kent County, and ensuring future instances of Veteran homelessness are rare, brief and nonrecurring. This will be accomplished through continued partnership with a broad group of stakeholders, all dedicated to ensuring our nations heroes and their families have access to safe and affordable housing.

AFTER Hub Community

Community Rebuilders is proud to be a Kent County Mission Continues host site. The Mission Continues empowers veterans who are adjusting to life at home to find purpose through community impact. They deploy veterans on new missions in their communities, so that their actions will inspire future generations to serve. Through this unique model, veterans build new skills and networks that help them successfully reintegrate to life after the military while making long-term, sustainable transformations in communities and inspiring future generations to serve.

AFTER Hub Health and Wellness

Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies is a trademarked program of AllenForce implemented by licensed fitness centers throughout the country that is offered free of charge to qualified veterans. Each facility is outfitted with adaptive equipment and fitness professionals complete specific training on Veteran culture, PTSD, MST, injuries and illness specific to Veterans.

AFTER Hub Health and Wellness

Veteran Yoga Project: Mindful Resilience is what we call the collection of mind-body practices that we teach: Breathing, Meditation, Mindful Movement, Guided Rest, and Gratitude. These tools help us breath easy, focus clearly, move freely, rest deeply, and remember what is working in our lives. As a result we become more resilient in the face of both ordinary and extraordinary challenges.

AFTER Hub @ Grand View Place 

Coming Soon!

Community Rebuilders is incredibly proud to partner with the WODA Group on bringing 21 permanent supportive housing apartments dedicated to homeless Kent County Veterans! Please contact Community Rebuilders for updates and details.

AFTER Hub: Kent Zero 

Community Rebuilders has been leading a Kent County effort since October 2015, to ensure every homeless veteran has access to the safe, affordable and decent housing of their choosing. Alongside our partners at the Salvation Army Social Services of Kent County and the Veterans Administration, an ongoing and comprehensive outreach effort has been under way to ensure every veteran is identified and housed.

AFTER Hub Advisory Committee 

The input and feedback of our consumers is at the heart of every Community Rebuilders project. Engaging the continued feedback of our veteran community is key to the success and drive of the After Hub.  The After Hub @ Community Rebuilders will implement a Veterans advisory committee, who will continue to engage the larger veteran community in identifying unmet service needs and pursuing opportunities to meet those needs.

AFTER Hub Collaborations

Partnerships truly make the difference, and enable Community Rebuilders to serve 100’s of Veteran households every year. From the West Michigan Veterans Assistance Program to Health Care for Homeless Veterans, Community Rebuilders collaborates with and hosts many Veteran organizations from across Kent County.

AFTER Hub Services

Our work does not end once a veteran enters housing, it is just beginning. From leveraging a veteran’s natural support system to our network of community partners, Community Rebuilders supports long-term housing stability. Our SOAR (SSI/SSDI, Outreach and Recovery) services ensure that the disabled veterans we serve have access to the benefits they deserve.

AFTER Hub Veteran Voices

Veteran led, Veteran driven, Veteran voices Veteran Voices is a complimentary service being provided by the AFTER Hub. Veteran’s will provide organizations and their staff with a 3rd party training on best practices for serving, engaging and successfully recruiting veterans for their programs and services.

AFTER Hub Support

The AFTER Hub @Community Rebuilders is made possible with the support of the Grand Rapids Community Foundation.

AFTER Hub Events

AFTER Hub Contact

For more information, please contact Jeffrey King @ or (616) 458-5102 ext. 114.