When a child has a home

they can dream of a brighter tomorrow.

The numbers are real.

But we know there is a solution.

Nearly half of homeless children, 


have 2 or more developmental delays.

Nearly 1/3 of homeless infants,


lack essential immunizations.

Half of homeless children, 


experience 2 or more illnesses per month.

 Homeless children are, 


more likely to need extended healthcare immediately after birth.

1 in 5 homeless children, 


ages 3 – 6 exhibit extreme emotional distress warranting professional help.

Half of homeless children,


stated they worried about their physical safety, especially with regard to violence.

Nearly half of homeless children, 


have problems with anxiety, depression or withdrawal.

Homeless children are, 


more likely to be placed in foster care.

When a child has a home she can feel safe and secure. he can go to school. she can sleep in her own bed. he is less likely to witness violence. she is more likely to graduate. he doesn’t have to stay in a shelter. he doesn’t have to sleep in a car. she is no longer homeless. they have sweet dreams. she can imagine a bright future. he can imagine a bright future. he will miss less days of school. they have hope.