My Housing Connect

Because no one should face homelessness alone. 

No One. No Child. No Mother. No Father. No Family in Kent County.

My Housing Connect empowers Kent County families with minor dependent children who are experiencing a housing crisis to access services and supports, in order to: 

Reduce the number of families who enter the homeless system

Shorten the length of time they experience homelessness

Increase their connections to resources to address unmet needs

Increase access to safe and affordable permanent housing

Improve their overall experience 

Below you’ll find a description of minimal eligibility requirements and the services available to help get you and your family started on your housing plan. 

Step 1: Here to help.

My Housing Connect is for Kent County Families experiencing a housing crisis: A family is defined as having at least one adult 18 or older, and at least one dependent child under 18, including pregnant women, with houeshold income at or below 50% AMI.



We have help for.

Families who are currently homeless

Families fleeing a dangerous situation without other housing options 

Families at-risk of becoming homeless

Families qualify regardless of age, race, religion, percieved or actual sexual orientation, identity or marital status.

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Other community resources.

If you are having a housing crisis and don’t meet the qualifications for My Housing Connect, please contact the United Way 211 for immediate referral assistance.

If you are in immediate danger due to violience in your home, please call 911 or the Domestic Violence Center at 616-451-2744

Step 2: We can help.

A Community Solutions Specialist may be able to help you with:

Assistance to help secure or maintain housing in the rental market

Service linkages to help resolve the difficulties of family violence

Establishing temporary accommodations 

Mediating and resolving housing related conflict

Connecting to the services you want and building a support network 

Step 3: Get help on your housing plan.

If these services can help you and your family with your housing crisis please click the My Housing Connect Portal.