A message from our Executive Director: Vera Beech 

Quotes From Children Every Adult Should HEAR.

“When I grow up I’m going to always have a car, that way I will always have a place to live.”

Toriage 7

“Can I live at the shelter with you forever, this is the best place I’ve ever been”

Brodyage 10

“I got real mad at her because she told me to sit at my dinner table and do my homework. I didn’t want to tell her I don’t have a table or dinner but I did want to call her a bad name.”

Jacobage 11

“It’s okay, it didn’t’ hurt that much and he let us all stay in his house so I didn’t mind.”

Stacyage 10

“I hope Santa brings me socks, I really just want my brother to have some socks.”

Savannah age 5

My early career days exposed me to adults in the criminal justice system, youth who were both victims and victimizers, women and children who had experienced the atrocities of sexual assault, domestic violence, and homelessness and a whole lot of precious children who just wanted a safe place to call home.

Some of the quotes above I heard more than 10 years ago. But I will never forget them. It is what inspired me to come to Community Rebuilders 10 years ago.

 I realized Community Rebuilders had proven solutions to ending homelessness. Our founder, Ron Eberhardt knew that Housing was the foundation, the protector, the equalizer, Community Rebuilders “got it:”

  • The impact of homelessness begins before a child is born, when a mother’s prenatal care is lacking;
  • Homeless Infants have lower birth rates and are at greater risk of death;
  • Homeless toddlers demonstrate significant developmental delays;
  • By the time homeless children reach school age their homelessness affects their social, physical and academic lives;
  • In general homeless children consistently have more health problems than housed poor children;

THERE IS REAL HOPE – homeless children can benefit from a number of cost-effective, practical interventions that build their resiliency and competency needed to break the detrimental cycle of homelessness.

  • Access to supportive and permanent housing;
  • Access to treatment for any medical, drug, alcohol, mental or physical health related needs in a family;
  • Parenting education and support;
  • School and academic supports;
  • Access to nutritional programs and other benefit programs;
  • Assistance with employment and educational goals;

These are precisely the evidenced based, cost effective solutions to homelessness Community Rebuilders provides.  Everyday, we are ending homelessness, rebuilding hope and creating community!

It’s why I’m here, why I believe in our mission and why I ask you  to support it too.

In closing, I’d like to share a quote from a young boy who we recently helped move into a new home with his family.  We asked him, what does it mean to you to have a new home. His reply:

“It means I’m going to have a great day.”