Our Services


HOUSING FIRST: Housing First is an evidenced based approach to ending homelessness that centers on providing homeless families and individuals with housing quickly and then providing services as needed.

In 2014, Community Rebuilders served 1,658 Kent County Residents. Of those that exited their housing program, 92% remained stably housed 6 months after exiting and 89% remained stably housed 12 months after exiting.

Evidenced Based Approach + Strengths Based Model = humane and cost effective service delivery.

Our community housing agencies participate in coordinated entry and assessment. In Kent County the Salvation Army operates the local Housing Assessment Program (HAP).

Persons with Disabilities

Persons with disabilities are served across a number of programs, paired with supportive services, to support independent living in the community. Choice in housing allows persons served in Community Rebuilders programs to identify housing near natural support systems, such as family, friends, church, and mental and physical health supports.

Chronically Homeless

Persons with a disability who have been homeless for 1 year or more, or on 4 separate instances in the last 3 years are served in one of Community Rebuilders permanent supportive housing programs. These programs are coupled with community supportive services to support independent living in the community.


Community Rebuilders is dedicated to ending Veteran homelessness in Kent County. Our agency operates 4 Veteran housing programs, including supportive services, permanent supportive housing, rapid rehousing, and scattered-site transitional housing. Veterans are encouraged to contact our office directly.


Choice in ones housing is a key component of every Community Rebuilders program. Families are served across our rapid rehousing, scattered-site transitional housing, and permanent supportive housing programs. By utilizing the private rental market, persons served in Community Rebuilders programs choose where they want to live, based on the unique needs, and wants of themselves, and their families.


The HOPWA program provides housing and services to address the specific needs of persons with HIV/Aids.


Affordable, safe, non-subsidized rental housing is available to families and individuals who have difficulty securing housing through traditional methods. Please check our rentals page for our available rental properties and application process.