Shared Vision and Mission

Key 1: Shared vision and mission

Author Vera Beech is the Executive Director of Community Rebuilders. Founded in 1993, the non-profit agency, is dedicated to ending homelessness and creating safe, affordable housing opportunities in Kent County, Michigan.

Our immediate focus is to establish shared goals that complement the individual goals of each partner. Housing Resource Specialists (HRS) explain the program as a partnership between Community Rebuilders, our consumer and their chosen landlord. Everyone in the partnership has wants, needs and goals, and there must be a clear understanding of each partner’s desires and expectations.

Consumers are asked to paint a clear picture of their ideal housing. Reference points and assumptions are checked throughout the process to ensure mutual understanding and commitment to next steps. The HRS shares their expertise and experience delivering services, and working with landlords and program participants.

We also work to identify the personal strengths of the consumer, and discuss how they can be applied to the goal of securing housing. This focus on strengths and partnership adds to motivation and infuses the process with energy and excitement to achieve long-term success. Consumers pursue housing with an individualized plan, a clear understanding of action steps and accountabilities, and the knowledge that they are capable of being a quality tenant.