Statement of Solidarity


Community Rebuilders stands in solidarity with those who are impacted by and reject police brutality, inequities and social injustices. We promote equitable and humane treatment for all people. We cannot achieve this goal without standing with all parties fighting to end pervasive and structural racism.  We believe in equity and we condemn racism in all its forms. We believe in creating an equitable and inclusive system based on human rights for everyone.

Statements of solidarity such as this are important. We also know that they are not enough. It brings people comfort to hear and share our commitments. However, we must not confuse comfort with safety or progress. Racism is a multilayered system embedded in our culture. Bias is implicit and unconscious. The persistent disparities in housing, education, income, wealth, and employment are supported by public policy and private practices. The systemic violence and human rights violations upon communities of color persist despite statements of solidarity, protests, and our collective outrage.

We believe we can and must do more. We believe that together we can put an end to systematic exclusion, unchecked and unquestioned structural racism. It requires collective, inclusive and constant action to achieve systemic and structural change. As an organization devoted to ending homelessness and promoting social and economic justice, human rights, and a trauma-informed perspective, we stand ready to learn more, do more, listen more, and repair more.

Vera Beech, Executive Director