Our Story

“My health was bad; I was getting too old to be living outside. But now the future is aligning my life’s goals with God’s mission for me.”


“Having a place of our own gave us such piece of mind. It enabled us to focus on the things necessary to purchase our home.”

Tobie and Sheryl

“I have continuity in my life now and I can see a light at the end of the tunnel”


“When you guys gave me this place it was like wow, there is hope and I survive on that hope every day.”


“As a family we feel safe and secure in our new home.”

Derek and Michelle

“I feel like my apartment gave meaning to my life. It was my chance to start over.”


A Place to Call Home 

“Being a single parent of three beautiful girls, it’s hard maintaining housing and our everyday needs all by myself.  After a month of being homeless and jobless, I felt absolutely hopeless. I was referred to Community Rebuilders where I was assigned to a Housing Resource Specialist. She not only helped me secure a home, but she also helped me overcome my fear of rejection. For that, I will forever be thankful.”


“You guys gave me a chance to restart, reset, and I look at my life a lot differently than I would’ve before. I guess I’m becoming independent. When you guys gave me this place it was like wow, there is hope and I survive on that hope every day. You’ve given me a whole new life and it’s awesome.”

Keys First

We love having the privacy of our own place. We were staying at the shelter together, and everyone was uncomfortable. My children are happier in their own place. Now they don’t have to worry when kids at school ask where they stay; they didn’t want to tell them they were staying in the mission. I was still working at my job while we were using the mission. I just needed a little help to get into our place.