Community Rebuilders Training Academy

The Community Rebuilders Training Academy offers housing providers the expertise, and confidence, to provide strengths-based, housing first services. These services are sought out by both the consumers of our services, as well as funders.

  • Consumer Focus Groups

    What are consumers saying about your services? Delivering consumer driven programs is an essential element of providing strength-based housing first services. Program implementation and continuous quality improvement starts with gaining the feedback of your consumers. Community Rebuilders conducts a structured third party Consumer Focus Group service that provides your organization with the feedback it needs to drive home results.

  • Rapid Rehousing: Making it Work!

    This 6 – hour presentation is for case managers who are helping homeless families secure and maintain housing and or program managers who want to develop a Rapid Rehousing Program. This training is modeled after the Rapid Rehousing   Programs operated by Community Rebuilders. 92% of program participants maintain housing for at least 6 months post program exit. The average rental assistance provided per household is less than $2,500.00 with the average length of rental subsidy being 6 months. If you want to duplicate these outcomes this training will provide the necessary tools to get you started.

  • Solution Focused Interviews

    This 6 – hour training is designed to meet the needs of teams that are beginning to implement a strengths-based solution focused intervention model, and is best when delivered to a team of service providers within the same working environment.

    Participants will identify the elements of a strengths-based solution focused intervention model. The seven solution focused strategies and uses. The conditions for establishing effective engagement with service users. The benefits of the strengths mode and the strengths based role of Housing Resource Specialist.

  • Strengths Based Solutions

    This 12-hour presentation is for case managers who are helping homeless families. Participants will learn how to identify and build upon existing strengths and resources to help homeless households secure the necessary resources to achieve their goals and sustain their housing.

    • Participants will be able to identify what is Strengths-Based Case Management
    • Participants will learn about the results of Strengths-Based Case Management
    • Participants will learn the Strengths-Based Case Management process from engagement through termination
    • Case examples and role plays will allow participants to practice the skills they learn and receive immediate feedback
    • Participants will learn 4 principles of motivational interviewing and how to provide crisis intervention when using the Strengths Based Approach
    • Participants will leave with the tools necessary to put Strengths-Based Case Management into practice.
  • HUD Homeless Documentation

    Community Rebuilders has over 20 years of housing experience. As a leader in administering HUD funded housing programs, we offer a 2 day session on HUD Homeless Documentation Procedures.

    These sessions will:

      • Inform on HUD guidance and policies
      • Assist participants in understanding key competencies, and best practices for documenting homelessness
      • Provide opportunities for practice, and skill-building in assisting those seeking housing assistance

How can we help you? We offer customized training packages for organizations around the country. Please feel free to contact us today regarding your training needs.

Rapid Rehousing Tools for Success:

Keys to Being a Quality Tenant

Community Rebuilders Housing Resource Specialist utilize the Keys to Being a Quality Tenant to convey important qualities of successful tenancy.

Rapid Rehousing Landlord Packet

Community Rebuilders provides a landlord packet to consumer so that they are able to convey important program information to a potential landlord.

Housing Resource Specialist Toolkit

The Community Rebuilders Housing Resource Specialist (HRS) Toolkit is designed as a resource for programs implementing the HRS model and standards.

6 Easy Steps

6 easy steps for settling landlord/tenant disputes that leaves everyone whole.

Engaging for Success

Key elements in developing successful consumer engagement strategies.