Ending Veteran Homelessness

Kent County: Zero 2016

One Community: One Goal

Community Rebuilders is dedicated to ending Veteran homelessness in Kent County. Utilizing our strengths-based, housing first philosophy, Community Rebuilders and our Kent County partners are aggressively combating Veteran homelessness.

We will have achieved our goal of ending Veteran homelessness when: 

1. All of those on the by-name list of homeless veterans are connected to a housing resource and have a permanent housing plan

2. The system routinely houses more veterans monthly than the number of veterans who encounter a housing crisis

3. Community agencies maintain a coordinated referral and entry system to ensure that any veterans experiencing a new housing crisis gain access to housing and supportive services within 21 days

4. All veterans in transitional housing programs are exiting successfully into permanent housing of their choice

Zero 2016: Progress as of 02.22.2017

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One Community: One Goal