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Why we do, what we do. 

We have been focused on ensuring access to affordable housing in our community for over 25 years.  Our start began in the private rental market as an effort to help persons with a housing crisis secure a place to call home.  We believe housing is essential to the health and well-being of our community. We support well-being, we make sure that everyone can reach their potential and fully contribute to our community; and we start by ensuring everyone has a safe place to call home. We consistently work to expand our effort to ensure that all members of our community reach their full potential.

We are housing experts, focused on building a community where homelessness is rare, brief and one time. We recognize that our community is an oasis of incredible people and resources! We focus on solutions! We are driven to continually learn, understand and better meet the needs of our community. We learn from our community, research, data and evidenced based practices. We innovate and change to better achieve our mission! We value collaboration with our consumers and the community at large!

Only when working together can we ensure the brightest future for our community. We all need varying supports at different points in our lives. I invite you to learn about all of our efforts to make our community stronger and help every community member reach their full potential. Thank you for visiting, we hope you will become our long-term friend and consider us part of your community. We all benefit when everyone reaches their potential and contributes to our community. 

Join us and support well-being!

Vera Beech, Executive Director


Rebuilding hope through housing opportunities for families and individuals with support services during transitions.

History, Growth and Expertise

Founded in January 1993, Community Rebuilders has been working diligently to place homeless families and individuals in housing for over 25 years. The organization began with fair market rental units located in the southeast Grand Rapids area with a goal of improving and keeping affordable housing available to persons living in the inner city of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Always focused on housing as the solution to homelessness, Community Rebuilders’  founder developed one of the first scattered site permanent supportive housing programs in the county in 1995.  This program became a HUD Best Practice Award recipient and served as a model for communities across the county. This highly successful program is still operated in an expanded way today. Individuals and families who are homeless and suffer from severe and persistent mental and physical health conditions achieve housing stability and improved health outcomes as a result of this program.

Community Rebuilders’ mission, to “Rebuild hope through housing opportunities for families and individuals with support services during transitions.” is achieved today through a broad range of programs and services. Organizational success is built on a firm philosophical foundation that relies on the resiliency and strengths of the individuals served and our community.  The organization adopted a housing first, strengths-based model of service delivery in 2006. The organization created a Housing Resource Specialist model that has been duplicated across the state and in locations across the country.

Transitional housing programs have been replaced by more cost-effective rapid rehousing programs, emergency shelter services have been replaced by temporary accommodations that shorten the length of time individuals and families remain homeless and increase exits to permanent housing. A coordinated entry system is utilized to ensure the most vulnerable homeless households are served first.

The implementation and outcomes achieved evidence the organization’s commitment to partnering with consumers, being evidenced informed and focusing on outcomes and maximum impact for service recipients and the community at large. Community Rebuilders provides housing and services each year that result in over 1,000 individuals and families moving from homelessness to stable housing.  We believe everyone deserves a safe place to call home. Our programs serve homeless youth, individuals, families, chronically homeless households, and Veterans.  We focus on ending homelessness not managing it.  We gain wisdom from the experience of the consumers we serve, the community at large, promising and evidenced-based practices, and out of the box ideas that may seem nontraditional but just might work.  We are a flexible and nimble organization with diverse partnerships and ideas. We believe and have demonstrated that with collaboration and commitment to our core values we can make homelessness rare, brief and nonrecurring.

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