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Our Team

Our Board

Leadership with Purpose:
Community Rebuilders is guided by a dedicated Board of Directors committed to our vision of ending homelessness. Our board consists of community leaders and subject matter experts who volunteer their time to steer our strategic direction and ensure we meet our goals with the utmost integrity.

Diverse Expertise:
Our Directors bring diverse perspectives and expertise to the table, each contributing to the robust governance and oversight of our organization. Their collective wisdom is crucial in shaping our innovative approaches to housing and community support. We are proud to have those with lived experience serve on our Board of Directors and other policy-making bodies.

Impactful Governance:
The Board of Directors leadership enables Community Rebuilders to make lasting impacts in the lives of those we serve. Their governance ensures that every decision aligns with our core values and mission.

Upholding our values, and ensuring we remain steadfast in our effort to end homelessness:

Jonathan Anderson – Director
Laurie Craft – Secretary
Win Irwin – Treasurer
Linda Likely – Director
Walter Stark – Director
John Patrick White- Board President

Full profiles and more information about each board member’s background and contributions to Community Rebuilders will be available soon

Our Team

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