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Geographically Targeted Housing Outreach

Geographically Targeted Homeless Outreach (GTHO) is a program designed to help solve homelessness in Grand Rapids one geographic area at a time. The program is committed to ending homelessness in partnership with the City of Grand Rapids Homeless Outreach Team (HOT), and a network of local, cross-sector agencies by providing resources to support long-term housing stability.

The goals of GTHO will be reached through housing outreach, temporary accommodations, bridge housing, and or permanent housing to the homeless person identified as regularly residing in the geographically targeted area.

Currently, the project is focused on the Monroe Center and Rosa Parks Circle Areas.

There are many reasons this area was chosen for the pilot including public health, size of the encampment, and community expectation that the location be used for its intended purpose. This pilot will inform and assist our community in identifying future criteria for addressing encampments.

Progress Report 6/22/2021

This report below is updated on a bi-weekly basis.

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