Community Rebuilders

Ending Homelessness Rebuilding Hope Creating Community


homeless families with children were housed by Community Rebuilders in 2017.


homeless Kent County households housed by Community Rebuilders in 2017.


homeless children and youth were housed by Community Rebuilders in 2017.


homeless Veterans were housed by Community Rebuilders in 2017.

Ending Homelessness: Producing Results 

Rapid Rehousing: In partnership with a Community Rebuilders Housing Resource Specialist participants develop an individualized housing plan. Three to six months of financial assistance in combination with support services promote long-term housing stability. Utilizing a strength-based, consumer centered approach, Housing Resource Specialist assist consumers to locate housing of their choice in the private rental market.

Permanent Supportive Housing: Choice in housing + Choice in services. Homeless individuals and families with a disability receive customized services and care with housing services fully integrated into the community. Community Rebuilders Housing Resource Specialists provide ongoing housing assistance and resource navigation utilizing a strength-based consumer centered approach.

Prevention Services: Homeless prevention services ensure individuals and families never have to experience the trauma of homelessness. By developing a personalized homeless prevention plan, the risk of becoming homeless is reduced. Community Rebuilders Housing Resource Specialists provide landlord mediation and financial assistance to ensure long-term housing stability.

Veteran Transitional Housing: Changing the way that homeless Veterans receive services, Community Rebuilders Housing Resource Specialists assist Veterans by moving them immediately into housing. Our scattered-site model provides Veterans choice in where they will live while they work to increase income, stabilize their health, and identify permanent housing in the community.

Creating impact in our community.

What our consumers have to say


“You gave me my hope back.”

JacklynVeteran Heights

“Community Rebuilders assisted in giving me back a sense of hope, self-worth, and direction.”


“14 days after receiving my HOME Voucher, I secured permeant housing; I like the sense of having somewhere to call home.”

ShannonHome Program

“The kids laugh more, they are not stressed out about where they’re going to sleep at night anymore.”

KatrinaKeys First