Community Rebuilders Achieves Outstanding Performance Metrics for Veteran’s Programs

Each month, the Veteran’s Administration compiles performance metrics on Community Rebuilders’ Veteran Heights Bridge Housing Program and Transition In Place projects. Community Rebuilders is considered a leader not only in Michigan, but in the nation, and in the VISN (Veterans Integrated Service Network) with near-perfect scores in its programs.

Year to date, our programs have seen 100% exits to permanent housing and zero negative outcomes.

At Community Rebuilders, we believe that everyone deserves a safe and secure place to call home. That is why our team works so hard to help the Veterans in our community find the resources they need to meet their housing goals.

Jen Price, Team Portfolio Manager at Community Rebuilders, says that the dedication of her team is a big reason why our programs have been successful. But she also credits the Veterans themselves for their resilience and dedication to overcoming obstacles and trauma.

It is an honor for us to be able to serve our country’s heroes, and the Community Rebuilders team considers it a privilege to work with these Veterans and hear their stories.

These programs are positively impacting the lives of Veterans in our community every day.

James, a United States Navy Veteran, who received several medals for his service, was chronically homeless for over 8 years. After participating in our Veteran Heights Bridge Housing program for just 90 days he found permanent housing in a senior living facility. Our Beautifully Home team was able to help him fully furnish his new apartment.  He reports that his stress is greatly reduced and he is excited about making new friends and having his own home.

Amy, a United States Army Veteran, had been homeless three times. After participating in our Veteran Heights Bridge Housing program, she secured her own apartment and now reports that she has fewer physical health issues. Her new home is a handicap-accessible unit with elevator access, making her goal to become healthier and happier a little easier. Her path to housing has given her more opportunities to meet others and form relationships that are satisfying and fun.

David, a Veteran who had been in prison for 15 years was able to enter our program determined to contribute to society in a meaningful and positive way. Within a short time, he secured full-time employment and permanent housing of his own.  He began to rebuild a relationship with his only son. David reports that having a home of his own has allowed him to enjoy life again. He looks forward to working on the relationship with his son and hopes to eventually purchase his own home where he can live with his son.

We have a well coordinated and efficient community system that assures homelessness is rare, brief, and non-recurring and no Veteran is forced to live on the street. This means that every Veteran has access to the supports they need and want to avoid staying on the street and move quickly to permanent housing.

Veteran Heights Bridge Housing provides Veterans with an immediate safe place to stay while they locate a permanent housing option. Veterans are linked to benefits within the VA health care system as well as community resources and natural supports.

Veterans enrolled in the Transition in Place (TIP) program are offered safe and affordable housing units within the community that are immediately ready for occupancy. Veterans receive an array of supportive services while in the unit all aimed at empowering the Veteran to assume the lease and full responsibility for the unit at the end of services.

Veteran homeless is now rare brief and non-recurring in Kent County. For an overview of all our programs, visit our programs page.