Truly, lives are enriched

Robert Johnson Consumer PhotoHi, my name is Robert. I am pleased to have been a part of a program like Community Rebuilders. They have helped me in so many ways. I’m not sure where I’d be without the help of the program and the personal care of my Housing Resource Specialist. I was homeless from the ages of 16 to 26. Not only had life proven unfair, but I was tossed around in a constant state of uncertainty and survival. Wondering where I’d eat or sleep was part of the stress that kept me in what seemed like an unbreakable cycle. As you can imagine, things like showering and shaving became so secondary…even brushing my teeth was a special treat because, though I had access to public sinks, the lack of privacy as well as toothpaste or toothbrush was such a demoralizing thing to me emotionally. Feeling so alone in the world, and looked down on by society in such a way, I felt trapped inside a downward spiral that made three meals and the wool scratchy blanket on a thin county jail mat seem like a privileged option.

So one day I sat down on a curb, tired in my soul, tired in my heart, and just worn down by it all. Coincidentally, if you believe in coincidence, some passerby told me that the building I just happened to be sitting in front of was the Hope Network building, and that if I went inside, they would help me. So wearily I mustered up the last bit of hope and energy I had and I walked in. They assessed my situation and connected me to Community Rebuilders. One would assume that the best treatment would be given to women with children or the elderly, but I have to say that I was treated so well, I wondered what they really wanted because no one up until that point had showed me that manner of kindness and understanding. The specialist assigned to me has proven to be very attentive, personable, and very focused on my housing stability and my self confidence in maintaining the kind of pride that only comes from being independent. The programs, resources, and hands on help have proven to be way beyond valuable. I can look anyone in the eye now with the confidence of knowing that I’m maintaining my life and taking pride in living it. It’s all due to the help that was made available to me through Community Rebuilders. Truly, lives are enriched and hearts are lifted because of this program.